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Over the summer of 2020, I was asked by the Student Publications supervisor to become the multimedia editor. This position is actually pretty ambiguous and doesn't have an offical title, but basically it involves managing social media, making videos, creating podcasts, uploading newspaper articles to web, and several other duties.


Student Publications—Stu Pubs for short—did not have a permanent logo or brand before I took this job, so I made it my first priority to establish consistency with our social media accounts. I featured colors from the logo in every post and alternated them to create a stairstep look, which subtly reflects the motif of the logo.

During the time I have run this account, we have experienced over a 20% increase in followers. My staff's ambition to create relatable content for Harding students resulted in a more dedicated following than we had ever had.

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I wanted my first post to be spectacular, so I made this video to introduce the new Stu Pubs logo and brand. In addition to being posted on our social media outlets, it was also streamed to all students and faculty during the second week of the Fall 2020 semester.


As we brainstormed methods of gaining followers, the idea of a giveaway came up several times. If we were going to do it, I wanted to go all out. We assembled the ultimate prize bundle—a glass Stu Pubs mug, a $25 gift card to a local coffeehouse, and a NEW Ramen Doodles sweatshirt.

The turnout was unbelievable. We received 603 comments on the post, and over 2,200 entries total. The giveaway gained us 100 new followers on Instagram and 100 new subscribers to our email newsletter.

I compiled the usernames and emails of those who entered, pasted them into a random name picker, and one lucky winner was selected. We had so much success with this promotional stunt that we were tempted to repeat it immediately, but we decided not to risk ruining a good thing.

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I designed this media kit to help sell advertisements in the newspaper and on social media. Our business manager used it to show potential buyers the full array of our skillset. Its interactive features allow viewers to flip through pages as if it were a printed booklet.

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Naturally, any good brand HAS to have awesome merch. So I slapped my logo on some t-shirts and masks and ordered enough for the entire staff. They're stylish and comfy, the most dynamic duo.

I also designed these posters and promotional cards to spread awareness of our social media accounts. We put them up in various locations around Harding's campus.

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