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I took a branding class at Harding University, and the entire course centered around one group project. I worked with a team of interior design majors and graphic design majors to create a cohesive rebrand for Riverside Park in Searcy, Arkansas. I was responsible for the bulk of the research behind our proposed plan, including elements such as SWOT analysis, demographic and psychographic research, and the determination and implementation of market segmentation. At the conclusion of the project, we presented our project to a panel of professionals in our respective fields.


I created a flowchart to determine our segments and guiding adjectives.


I wrote almost all the copy for our website to ensure brand cohesiveness.


I compiled our work into one grand Integrated Marketing Communication Plan.

Additionally, I led my team as the Communications Coordinator and faculty liaison, ensuring information was correctly transmitted to and from our contacts. I was the main speaker during our presentations and ensured the flow of information remained coherent. When we were forced to transition online due to COVID-19, I continued to lead our meetings over Zoom.

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