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Due to the confidential nature of my job as a graphic designer at commercial real estate firm CBRE, I am currently unable to share recent projects. Featured below are projects from the years before I started my career in graphic design. I have experience creating logos, graphics, and signage, as well as editing photos and laying out documents to print.



Fiancé magazine has been one of my favorite projects to ever work on. My beloved future wife is a very cold-natured soul, and I have a vast collection of sweatshirts. We're a perfect match, truly. I made this catalog to enhance her decision-making process when she requests to wear one of my pullovers. Plus, it was just really funny.

My amazing roommate, Carter Shields, took all of these photos. I designed, printed, cut, and bound the magazine myself.


Shoe shopping has always been a great struggle for me. Most stores don't carry many shoes above men's size 13, and that is a tragedy. I developed a business plan for a specialty shoe store called "Bigfoot's Shoe Emporium" that only sells sizes 13 and up. While my accounting skills aren't top-notch, the concept and vision are golden. I drew all of the illustrations, wrote the copy, and laid out the file for print.

Judges Map-01.png


My father writes biblical commentaries for a living. While finishing his most recent book on Judges, he expressed a desire for a map to provide readers with a visual context for the events of the narrative.


I sat down with him for several hours painstakingly designing this map from scratch, following his exact specifications. While it is not my flashiest design, it shows my ability to cater to my client's wishes.


“I’m not a font snob. I’m a typeface connoisseur.”

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